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Welcome to Wheatland Karting Association. This not-for- profit club was established in 1995 in the town of Wellington, Kansas. The club operates Worden Park Raceway, a 1/5 mile dirt oval track. Our club is focused on providing a safe, family oriented atmosphere. This handbook provides you the technical rules Class specifications and expectations of conduct when participating in Wheatland Karting events. Wheatland Karting shall reserve the right to update the information contained in this handbook in event of error or change. Thank you for your participation and have a great 2019. Please see our handbook for additional rules. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 2019 HANDBOOK. All rules apply during racing or during practice sessions and include drivers and pit personnel. All drivers and pit personnel shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Drivers are responsible for the control and actions of their pit crews and family members. Unacceptable actions of pit crew and family members may subject the driver to penalty or disqualification and possible suspension of membership privileges. All suspensions, rule violations and misconduct will be reviewed by the Wheatland Karting Association Board of Directors (Board).     NO BOTHERING OF THE SCORERS OR FLAG PERSON.     NO PHYSICAL OR VERBAL ABUSE OF ANY RACE OFFICIAL.     NO DESTRUCTION OF TRACK PROPERTY     No dumping of trash.     No dumping of fuel or oil.     Drive and park in designated areas only.     Track equipment is off limits.     NO PROFANITY.     NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS.     NO FIGHTING (VERBAL OR PHYSICAL).     NO DRIVING IN THE PIT AREA.     NO RACING OR PRACTICING UNLESS PROPERLY REGISTERED.     NO DELIBERATE BUMPING ON THE TRACK OR WHILE ENTERING/EXITING THE TRACK.     NO UNSCHEDULED PRACTICING ON THE TRACK WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. Any competitor refusing tech will be automatically disqualified and be subjected to tech at future races before being eligible to collect points, money, or awards. All persons in the pit area must have a pit pass. First offense -- subject will be warned to purchase a pit pass. Second offense – person will be removed from the event. The use of open flames (propane heater, torch, etc.) to treat or pre-heat tires is prohibited. Failure to comply will result in disqualification for the racing season.

Rules of Conduct